Due to the passage of PA House Bill No. 43, SEYCo Nursery School is now required by law to have all individuals who serve as helping parents complete the three clearances outlined in the law change. This is not unique to SEYCo and is required for any organization who works with children and youth in Pennsylvania. As named in the new law ALL volunteers age 18 and over are now required to have three clearances. (click the link below to access the website for online submission):


If you already have your clearances from a job or other volunteer organization, please submit copies to the SEYCo office. They must be not more than three years old.

There is a bulletin board downstairs outside of the four year old classrooms with more information and forms.

We are very thankful to all of our parents who volunteer to serve as helpers in our classrooms. Please be aware that all of the above conditions must be met before you will be able to serve as helping parent in the classroom.