A parent, guardian, or grandparent that is over the age of 21, may fulfill the role of a helping parent. Being a helping parent is a volunteer opportunity to be involved in your child’s classroom and is a very exciting time for your child. They are looking forward to sharing their classroom and friends with you. Together you will have special jobs throughout day,such as setting out the snack together, reading stories, and having the opportunity to get acquainted with your child’s classmates.

All individuals volunteering in the classroom must complete three [3] background checks PRIOR to their first day in the classroom. For more information regarding the required background checks, please visit

Responsibilities of a helping parent are the following: 

● Helping parent days are scheduled when a parent signs up on their child’s monthly helping parent calendar. This calendar will be located on the bulletin board outside each classroom. 

● The helping parent will assist in the classroom by interacting with the children, snack time preparation, classroom cleaning, and assisting with projects. 

● If a parent is unable to help on his/her scheduled day, please notify the teacher of the change as soon as possible 

Policies regarding Helping Parent are as follows: 

● Parents ARE NOT allowed to assist children to the restrooms or be alone with a child at any time. 

● Please refrain from texting or talking on cellular phone while helping in the classroom. 

● As a helping parent you are not responsible for any classroom management issues. If a problem arises and you feel you need assistance, immediately inform the classroom teacher to address the problem. 

● Due to the possibility to allergies, please be aware that strong perfumes may cause breathing difficulties for our students and/or staff.